Faster and smarter than any spreadsheet.
Lease accounting and analysis simplified.

Leverage your lease data to make better decisions, improve productivity and increase profitability.

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Analyzing and accounting for

square feet of leases around the world.


Automatic journal entries, better internal controls.

The data and analysis you use to negotiate the lease is used to process and record your customized deal approvals and to generate all of your lease accounting - including automated journal entries mapped to your ERP system. Meanwhile, your old spreadsheet is all risk, no control.

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Get better analyses. Give better advice.

Spend days in spreadsheets or just minutes in LeaseCalcs to get cash flow, balance sheet, P&L and EBITDA impacts of any transaction under both current and new GAAP and IFRS lease accounting standards. Know - and improve - the impacts before the lease is signed.

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The LeaseCalcs Story

Our StoryYour ROI is only exceeded by the time you save.

Brokers use LeaseCalcs to win new business, easily generating a ROI over 1000%. Corporate real estate and finance teams save countless hours in transaction analysis alone - nearly 40 hours per transaction. See for yourself.

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Simplify the transition to the new lease accounting rules.

LeaseCalcs reduces the time, cost and effort of implementing the new standards under GAAP or IFRS. Companies told the FASB & IASB it would cost them millions to transition to the new lease accounting rules. That was before they knew about LeaseCalcs!

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Drive market intelligence and business insights.

Leverage lease analysis data to do more. Unlock financial analyses and lease accounting data with cloud-based technology. Better information yields better insights for you and your team.

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Robust equipment lease accounting and management.

LeaseCalcs isn't just for real estate leases. It also handles all equipment leases too. Master Leases with multiples schedules, multiple assets per schedule, different residual structures, etc..

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