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SOC 1 Certification!

By Kelly Herrera | January 14, 2019

Exciting news from LeaseCalcs: SOC 1 Certification Irvine, CA – LeaseCalcs, Inc. is an enterprise-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) patented lease analysis, accounting – including the FASB & IASB’s new lease accounting standards – administration, market insights and business intelligence application for commercial real estate, finance, accounting professionals and C-Suite executives. With a focus on commercial real estate and equipment leases LeaseCalcs is the only application that can take you from contemplation of a lease “deal” to the expiration keeping track of all the revisions, amendments, reassessments, journal entries and keeping the accounting accurate for both current standards and new standards. As

Are your leases stuck in the harbor?

By Kelly Herrera | July 20, 2018
Are your leases stuck in the harbor?

If your company or your client is using an older lease administration program, you might have already heard the distress calls. You see, a lot of companies are just learning that their leases – and their lease accounting project – are trapped in the harbor. Their existing system won’t – or can’t – help them get into compliance with the new lease accounting standards. With less than seven months before the new standards take effect for public companies, LeaseCalcs is like the Coast Guard for these firms. We have successfully migrated other clients off of all of the other major

White Paper: The same lease will have different accounting impacts for different companies?!?

By Marc Maiona | October 17, 2017
The same lease will have different accounting impacts for different companies

The long awaited, and greatly debated, changes to lease accounting standards under GAAP and IFRS are upon us. As CRE teams and their colleagues in corporate finance move toward implementing these new standards, many are surprised by the financial statement outcomes. LeaseCalcs’ latest white paper, as published in Corporate Real Estate Journal, explains why two identical leases will yield very different accounting impacts for different companies, and – more importantly – how those differences affect balance sheet, shareholder equity, net income and EBITDA outcomes. The paper discusses why despite the fact that the FASB’s and IASB’s stated intentions were to