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COVID-19, Rent Concessions & Lease Accounting

By Kelly Herrera | May 7, 2020

COVID-19, Rent Concessions & Lease Accounting COVID-19 related rent concessions take many forms, but new guidance from the FASB & IASB oversimplifies the real world scenarios. These six scenarios explain what every tenant or lessee needs to know to comply with the new COVID-19 lease accounting guidance from the FASB & IASB. Pure rent abatement / forgiveness. Rent deferral, with the rent to be repaid later with no other change to the lease. Withholding of rent. Not a deferral, but a unilateral decision to preserve cash. Rent abatement or deferral, but with a contraction in leased premises or assets. Rent

When Lease Accounting Meets Your Next Real Estate Deal

By Marc Maiona | May 9, 2019

What Finance and Corporate Real Estate must know to improve outcomes and reduce risk. Join our nationally recognized experts in lease accounting and commercial real estate transactions for this exclusive event in Houston. Learn what finance teams need to know about real estate lease negotiations, and what real estate teams need to know about accounting, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises with the new accounting rules. How the new rules are changing real estate transactions and strategy. How can renewal or termination options help or hurt your firm’s financial performance. Why simple changes in your lease negotiations can dramatically improve

SOC 1, Type 2 Certification!

By Kelly Herrera | January 14, 2019

Exciting news from LeaseCalcs: SOC 1, Type 2 Certification Irvine, CA – LeaseCalcs, Inc. is an enterprise-class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) patented lease analysis, accounting – including the FASB & IASB’s new lease accounting standards – administration, market insights and business intelligence application for commercial real estate, finance, accounting professionals and C-Suite executives. With a focus on commercial real estate and equipment leases LeaseCalcs is the only application that can take you from contemplation of a lease “deal” to the expiration keeping track of all the revisions, amendments, reassessments, journal entries and keeping the accounting accurate for both current standards and new