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Patent Not Pending!

By Marc Maiona | September 1, 2017
Patent Not Pending

Exciting news from LeaseCalcs: after several years of effort, the US Patent & Trademark Office agreed that one of the original ideas behind LeaseCalcs’ success was so unique we have been awarded a patent — US Patent Number 9,697,572. It all started from the idea you could take the effort and data associated with running a lease analysis, or generating a firm’s lease accounting, or administering leases, and repurpose it to create highly accurate lease comps and benchmarking data. That data could then be aggregated and anonymized across divergent users to deliver unparalleled commercial real estate market insights. Before LeaseCalcs,

Home of the “Wicked Smart” Brokers

By Marc Maiona | May 20, 2016

Following a couple days in Boston, I’m reminded Boston draws the best and brightest college students to Harvard, MIT and many other great universities. But Boston’s commercial real estate brokers are smart, too! Why? All 5 of the 5 largest brokerage firms in Boston (not to mention several others), use LeaseCalcs to provide their clients with better analyses, advice and financial insight on their transactions. Along the way they’re helping their clients deal with the new lease accounting standards and getting better market intelligence for themselves. Now that’s smart!

Lease accounting is a hot topic at Cresa’s Spring Meeting in Phoenix

By Marc Maiona | May 12, 2016
Lease accounting is a hot topic at Cresa’s Spring Meeting in Phoenix

Honored to be spending a few days in Phoenix with our friends at Cresa for their annual Spring Meeting. We provided education and training around the way the new lease accounting standards from the FASB & IASB will affect their clients and their deals. Smart brokers never stop learning and adapting, and Cresa has the knowledge and the technology – LeaseCalcs – to be able to help companies deal with this sea change in lease accounting.