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Save the Date: FEI’s “The New Lease Accounting Standard Conference: What You Need to Know”

By Marc Maiona | April 26, 2016
Save the Date FEI's The New Lease Accounting Standard Conference What You Need to Know

Following a couple days in Boston, I’m reminded Boston draws the best and brightest college students to Harvard, MIT and many other great universities. But Boston’s commercial real estate brokers are smart, too! Why? All 5 of the 5 largest brokerage firms in Boston (not to mention several others), use LeaseCalcs to provide their clients with better analyses, advice and financial insight on their transactions. Along the way they’re helping their clients deal with the new lease accounting standards and getting better market intelligence for themselves. Now that’s smart! – New Lease Accounting Standards May Demand Two Sets of Books

By Marc Maiona | January 15, 2016 - New Lease Accounting Standards May Demand Two Sets of Books

As reported in an article on on January 14, 2016, the complexities of the new lease accounting standards from the IASB and FASB, coupled with the fact the standards are not fully converged, will result in most multi-national firms finding they need to keep two sets of books. Those two sets of books will be in addition to their current set of books that will have to be maintained through the effective date of those new standards (2018 or 2019 depending on the company’s election). This is precisely why LeaseCalcs was developed And is in use by S&P 500 and other sophisticated

FASB Board Member: “You’re Already Late” If Not Working on Lease Accounting

By Marc Maiona | December 9, 2015
FASB Board Member You're Already Late If Not Working on Lease Accounting

If you needed further confirmation that the new lease accounting standards are real and finalized, look no further than yesterday’s CFO Journal from the Wall Street Journal. For anyone involved in commercial real estate or financial reporting, three quotes from the article prompt three questions and three easy to apply recommendations. CFO Journal Quotes on new Lease Accounting standards: Here are three key quotes from the article to think about as you negotiate a new lease today or wonder how your firm will prepare for and deal with the new accounting standards in the New Year, if not today: Quote