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If you do more than a few deals a year, LeaseCalcs pays for itself.


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How many leases did you negotiate last year?
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How much time and money will you save?

Spreadsheets are killing your productivity and profitability. LeaseCalcs transforms your financial analysis and transaction management processes to run full GAAP or IFRS-based analyses in 15 minutes or less. CRE departments get more done, more accurately, and elevate their profile with the C-Suite.

Make better decisions and eliminate accounting "surprises".

Provide the C-Suite with the financial analytics and insight needed to improve financial performance. Better yet, when you use LeaseCalcs you're helping your colleagues in finance and accounting prepare for the new lease accounting standards.

Collaborate and streamline business processes.

Share analyses securely with your colleagues and brokers around the globe to save time and keep everyone on the same page. Automated and customizable workflows take your team from analysis to approval to lease accounting and lease administration with mere clicks of your mouse.

"I'm never going back to my Excel files for another lease analysis ever again."

Kimarie Ankenbrand, Vice President | JLL