Intelligent Portfolio Management

How much will you save?

If you do more than a few deals a year, LeaseCalcs pays for itself.


Eliminate duplicated labor, data and systems.

With one application and one set of data we replace what most companies need three - if not more - systems to achieve. Our patented application isn't just better - it saves you time and reduces your IT budget.

Full lease administration capabilities.

When you can do full GAAP / IFRS lease analysis and true lease accounting in the same application, lease administration is easy. LeaseCalcs is the only single solution from lease negotiation all the way through lease expiration, and does it with end-to-end internal controls and robust security.

Real estate intelligence.

Real estate intelligence improves your financial results only occurs when you marry pre-deal analysis with true lease accounting and lease administration. When you do that in a secure, web based application used by every leading brokerage firm and leading global companies, new insights are possible.

See LeaseCalcs in Action

Intelligent Portfolio Management

"LeaseCalcs allowed us to consolidate all of our real estate and lease accounting tools into one application, saving us four times the cost of the subscription."

Corporate Real Estate Director | Fortune 100 Financial Institution