lease accounting simplified for less

How much will you save?

If you do more than a few deals a year, LeaseCalcs pays for itself.


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Reduce the cost and complexity of compliance.

The Big 4 report companies expect it will cost millions to transition to the new lease accounting rules, and that transition will take longer than one year. By connecting all the dots in the life of a lease - from negotiation through expiration - you can leverage existing business processes to simplify compliance. Reduce millions to thousands, years to weeks.

Still doing journal entries in a spreadsheet?

True lease accounting. Simplified. With just a click of your mouse, automatically generate all of the debits and credits - under current and new standards, under US-GAAP or IFRS - across your entire portfolio, all mapped to your ERP system. Stop wasting time and eliminate compliance risk: finally say goodbye to horrendous spreadsheets.


Powerful reporting across the organization.

Mapped to your ERP / GL system, business units, cost centers and regions. Custom reporting periods, ad-hoc reports, automated financial statement disclosure reporting. It's all here and your real estate, finance and accounting teams can all get what they uniquely need from the same data.


Successfully completed SOC 1, Type 2 Audits

"My client's CFO just told me one of the best things we did in the transaction was to provide him with a LeaseCalcs analysis - he said the accounting treatment was perfect for his use."

Scott Collier, Managing Director | JLL