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What's the ROI?

Win one 25,000 square foot assignment using LeaseCalcs and your commission yields a ROI of 1,100%.


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The commission from the deal you win drives your ROI.

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Brokers win with LeaseCalcs.

LeaseCalcs is your competitive advantage. While your competition talks about vacancy rates and expiration dates, you are showing the CFO how to improve earnings, EBITDA or the balance sheet. When you win that assignment, your commission is 10, 20 or even 100 times greater than your investment in LeaseCalcs. What's your ROI?

Elevate your game.

Clients expect - and the new lease accounting rules require - smarter financial analysis and advice. When you know, in minutes, how any deal impacts your client's earnings, EBITDA and shareholder equity, and can easily adjust the negotiations to improve the outcome, you're in a different league than the competition.

Add more value or your competition will.

Lease accounting is a huge problem for tenants. It is an opportunity for you to add significant value. LeaseCalcs allows you to reduce the cost, time and complexity of your client's lease accounting problems.


"At the end of the day, our ROI equation is that if we keep a client that is being attacked by our competition by having LeaseCalcs, we made the right decision. In addition, it is a door opener and if we develop just one new relationship, we win. Since we have been using it, both have happened."

John Lashar, Partner, Transwestern | RBJ