lease and financial analysis in minutes

What's the ROI?

Win one 25,000 square foot assignment using LeaseCalcs and your commission yields a ROI of 1,100%.


How much time will you save?

How many leases did you negotiate last year?

On average, how many buildings did you
consider per deal?

How long did it take you to run just one analysis
(in hours) on average?

Hours, days or just minutes?

Your spreadsheet is killing your productivity and profitability. LeaseCalcs lets you run full GAAP or IFRS-based analyses in less than 15 minutes, even for the most complicated deals. Analyze competing scenarios - lease, purchase, sale-leaseback and sublease - all side-by-side under current and new lease accounting standards. What will you do with all of the time and money you save?

Your old analysis is obsolete.

There is not a company in existence that reports financial results on the basis of discounted cash flows. They report net income, EBITDA and balance sheet metrics - and so does LeaseCalcs. So why are you still providing just DCF analyses?

TurboTax® or Excel®?

No one uses a spreadsheet to do their taxes anymore because software eliminates errors and saves time. Still analyzing one of the largest financial commitments your clients make in a spreadsheet? There's a better way.

"It literally would have taken days to run these complex analyses in Excel, but it took just minutes in LeaseCalcs and I received better analyses as a result."

Andy Hueser, Managing Director | Newmark