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RE:Act - Transaction Management. Purpose Built for CRE

Finally! A smarter transaction management tool for the corporate real estate and brokerage worlds.


See LeaseCalcs RE:Act in Action

Collaborate in real time with your team - and clients - on every step of every transaction.

Sure, LeaseCalcs provides the best GAAP and IFRS compliant financial analysis tools in the commercial real estate world. But think of all of the steps that go into a CRE transaction - there's a lot more to it than financial analysis. Budgets, market surveys, proposals, analyses, tours, legal review, approvals, design, build, move ... it's a lot! With RE:Act, brokers can now manage every one of those steps in a secure, intuitive and collaborative way, giving your team, clients, contractors – anyone – hands-on access so you're all on the same page at all times.

Stop the spreadsheet, file sharing, reporting madness!

Every client, big or small, wants to know what is happening on their deal. Until now, there has never been a seamless way to manage all the details of every deal in one place, let alone one designed for the way you work with each client. Before RE:Act, every broker handled project management and client reporting differently, and it was a disjointed, crazy mess. With RE:Act, you can manage every detail, document, schedule and task in one broker-centric tool. You can even give your clients access and literally automate your client updates and reporting. Stop wasting time. Start making progress!


Your RE:Act dashboard is your daily command center.

You're working on a lot of transactions for a lot of different clients, all in various stages. All of those transactions have different details, timelines, updates, and requirements. Your RE:Act dashboard gives you a centralized view of everything you need to do across all of your deals to keep you on task and up to date. You can even see projections into the future for milestones and anticipated commissions. Whether you want to see your overdue or upcoming tasks for every project or just one, or you want to see all the updates from your team on any project or all of them, everything you need to do and know is on your dashboard, with all of the details just one click away.

"My client's CFO just told me one of the best things we did in the transaction was to provide him with a LeaseCalcs analysis - he said the accounting treatment was perfect for his use."

Scott Collier, Managing Director | JLL