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Finally! A smarter transaction management tool for the corporate real estate and brokerage worlds.


Get your team on the same page!

The world has changed. Your world has changed. Today, your team might be "WFH", "WFA", back in the office or a combination of all of the above. And what about your company, or your clients, as new corporate real estate strategies evolve? Now, more than ever, your team needs to be able to collaborate seamlessly and securely to keep your transactions on track. RE:Act allows you to create and manage your team, which can include literally anyone; not just your colleagues but your brokers, contractors, vendors, clients, and internal stakeholders, all with the ability to restrict access to confidential details in a granular way.

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React Budget

What's a project without a budget?

Manage every aspect of the budget in as much detail as you desire. Budget the rent, CapEx, upfront costs, allowances, all of it. Enter your budgets based on amounts per square foot, square meter, Tsubo, seats – whatever you need - or in the aggregate. You can even prepare your budget in a foreign currency and RE:Act will automatically convert it for you. RE:Act even lets you submit the budget for approval via customizable approval workflows, providing SOX-compliant internal controls for your budgets.

Budgets are great, but how much did you spend?

It is one of the most important parts of any CRE project; how much did you actually spend as compared to your budget. This involves not just the original budget, but keeping track of your purchase orders and invoices paid. It also involves keeping track of all allowances and payments you've received. RE:Act tracks it all, right down to the spend category, PO line number, vendor and payment dates, all while providing clear visibility into your budget versus actual performance, both at a high level and in granular detail. Visibility, accountability, flexibility – RE:Act does it all!

React Spend
React Tasks

Customizable task lists for different kinds of transactions and levels of detail.

Manage all of your tasks for your project, assign them to team members, set the timeline, see what is late and what is coming up in the future. While no two transactions are identical, many are very similar. One serviced office deal may look a lot like another serviced office deal, but neither looks like a headquarters relocation deal or a disposition. RE:Act includes pre-set templates for various kinds of transactions, but also lets you create and customize your own templates that can be reused in a snap. You can even copy an existing task list and automatically shift the dates for every task.

Document all of it in the same place where you manage your transactions!

Finally get organized. Upload and manage every single document related to your project in RE:Act instead of in the three different tools your probably using today. Documents can be linked to specific tasks for ease of organization with no limit on number of documents or document types. You can even restrict which users can view and download documents.

React Documents
React Messages

Keep track of all of the updates so your team knows everything that's happened.

Within each project, anyone on the team can leave a message so everyone knows the "latest and greatest" about what is happening in the project. Notes about market surveys, lease negotiations, construction progress, capital budgets, anything. Messages can be linked to and searched by specific tasks. Better yet, all the messages flow back to your dashboard and are included in the exportable project Status Reports and the executive summary.

Your RE:Act dashboard is the daily command center for all of your transactions.

Centralizing everything you need to know across all the transactions you are connected to. From high level summaries by project status, to timelines of upcoming milestones for each project with key details, you can see into the future. Get visibility into all of the tasks you need to be working on and see all the updates from your team - on every project - in one place. From here, all of the details are one click away.

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